Sanity Walks

'All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking'

- Nietzsche

I walk a lot, always have.  I walk especially when life seems upside down; when I am stuck; when I’m not sure where, or how, to move forward.  I walk, until things get better, or become clearer.  I call these outings my ‘Sanity Walks.’


Equally, I walk to keep things from getting to the 'upside down' or 'stuck' point.  Walking is the one activity that, quite literally, keeps me grounded.  


The merits of walking as a productive contemplative activity are well-documented.  Aristotle allegedly worked with students while strolling.  Nietzsche said all great thoughts are conceived by walking.  More recently, Steve Jobs made a habit of the walking meeting.  So when I started coaching, I thought I'd offer the service in a 'walking' format, as this has always been one that works for me and may benefit others.  


Merits of walking while coaching:


- Convenience


- Perspective / seeing things from a 'wider world' view


- Physical activity/exercise


- Less formal/ client looking forward rather than at the coach can help open up communication


- Connecting with nature/fresh air....balancing out lives in front of screens....


- 'One foot in front of the other'/linking the physical with psychological


Logistics of the walking coaching option:


- Walks can be conducted where convenient for clients,     ideally where there is an opportunity to take advantage of wide-open space and natural elements


- Popular routes are through Hyde Park, along Regent's Canal or the Thames


- Walks can be one hour,  90 minutes or 2 hours in length


- Pace can be adapted for all fitness abilities, but the primary focus here is on the coaching rather than the walk.  If it ever becomes the opposite, we need to re-think the pace


- Walks can be conducted in any attire, provided the shoes are comfortable ones


- I am happy to walk rain or shine, but understand not all share this view.  Rain venue can be either W11 Coaching offices in Holland Park, or at clients' offices


- Fees are same as 'traditional coaching' hourly rate agreed


More information wanted?


For further information, see the FAQ page, or feel free to email Kelly Hearn at kelly@w11coaching.com or call +44(0)7961840623