The below are books I go back to again and again.  Because they are that good.  I resist the temptation to play reviewer.  If a title intrigues, I invite you to explore...

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Online resources


- Headspace is a great meditation app for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  It is my 'go to' recommendation because the approach is so accessible, rooted in both science and common sense.  No new age jargon here!


- Similarly, the folks at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Centre (MARC) do great weekly podcasts you can download here.


- I'm a big believer in yoga but can't always make it to classes as often as I'd like.  YogaGlo provides a monthly online subscription with hundreds of classes you can sort by style, duration, teacher, level...also more meditations here.


Lectures/articles/blogs/food for thought

A work in progress....

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Favourite Things....

- Brene Brown's famous Ted Talk on the Power of Vulnerability. Link here.

- Leo Babuta's wonderful zen habits blog.  Link here.

- How to Ruin Your Life (Without Even Realising You Are).  Article here.

- Robert Kegan on Immunity to Change.  Link to talk here.



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