Why coaching?

All famous athletes have coaches.  As do great performers.  Increasingly, top business executives have coaches as they find it useful to have someone ask the important questions: 'Is that what you really want to do?'  'What's important here and how are you going to get it?' In the words of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, 'The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.'


Many people think nothing of hiring a personal trainer to keep focused, motivated and accountable in achieving fitness goals.  A personal or professional coach can do the same for your most important life or career development decisions.  


After the early years of 'growing up' during which we carefully plan our education, career and family aspirations, most of us don't stop to think about our values and goals in the same serious and structured way later on.  Life can get frustrating if the things that matter to us most aren't getting enough attention because we're too bogged down in the busyness of everyday life.  


Personal and professional coaching is about getting clear on what you want to do, making a plan and doing it.  


How is coaching different from counselling (or therapy)?

A few key differences are:

- Coaching tends to be forward-looking whereas counselling spends considerable time assessing past influences.

- Coaching is targeted and goal-orientated whereas counselling entails a more general, broad-based exploration.  

- The focus in coaching is on evolving and improving (realising potential) rather than healing or understanding as it is in counselling.

- Coaching is typically (but not always) shorter-term.  Clients book in blocks of six or twelve sessions.  Counselling is often more open-ended.


Why W11 Coaching?

W11 Coaching offers perspectives from the business, coaching and psychotherapy worlds.  As I am trained in all of these disciplines, my 'tool box' is expanded to incorporate a wide range of career, emotional and psychological issues.  There is no one 'coaching approach for all' here.  Each coaching experience is entirely unique to the client's needs and aspirations.  

How do I get started/learn more?

I offer new potential clients a free phone consultation to discuss whether there is a fit between my experience and approach and the individual's situation and goals.  Please use the following link to e-mail me or call +44(0)7961840623 to arrange a consultation.


How long and often are sessions?

This is entirely up to the client.  Usually, individuals opt for weekly hour-long sessions or for a two-hour bi-weekly/monthly arrangement.  


Where are sessions conducted?

I work primarily from my office in Holland Park (1 minute from the tube station) but will also meet clients in their offices, if preferred and convenient for both parties.


Separately, I offer a 'walking coaching' option.  These are sessions conducted outdoors while walking (typically in Holland Park, Hyde Park or along the canals).  For more information on this option, click on the following link, or e-mail me by clicking here. 


Are phone or Skype sessions available?

In theory, I am happy working over the phone or Skype but prefer to do so only after we have established a relationship during a few face-to-face meetings.  If geography makes in-person meetings unrealistic, Skype is an option from the outset.


What are the fees?

Fees are dependent on a number of considerations:

- Duration and frequency of sessions

- Situational factors (is it more a coaching or counselling engagement?)

- Individual or corporate funding

- Location


Each proposal is bespoke and can be discussed in the initial phone consultation.


For any additional questions...

Please use the following link to e-mail me or feel free to call +44(0)7961840623


Kelly Hearn

London,  July 2014