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I am increasingly developing group workshops and activities on common themes arising in my individual work.  This has inspired me to develop a new workshop space and calendar, currently underdevelopment.  Upcoming events listed below.  In addition, please do contact me if you are interested in learning more about upcoming group walks or a new women's circle.



Taming Your Inner Critic - 24 February 2018















You may know it well:  that pesky voice inside that keeps saying you aren't smart enough, attractive enough, talented enough, fill-in-the-blank-enough. Enough!  We all have an inner critic.  Some are louder and meaner than others.  This workshop is a chance to learn how to relate differently to yours in order to live a more productive and joyful life.   For moe information, contact kelly@w11coaching.com or on 07961840623


The Psychology of Money - Spring date TBD






























At its most basic level, money is a medium for exchange.  Yet we ascribe many different meanings to it - security, power, love comfort - the list goes on, and everyone's list is deeply personal.  We all have an emotional relationship with money, often a somewhat challenging one.  Talking about money remains one of the great taboos.  But how can we move beyond our 'money issues' if we don't address this very important topic head-on? This experiential day is designed for participants to explore and reassess their relationship with money in order to make a change more in line with individual values and ideals.  For more information, please contact:  kelly@w11coaching.com or on 07961840623.



Also Upcoming/Stay Tuned:

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*  Urban Digital Detox


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