I spent the first two decades of my professional life in the left-brain world of finance.  After completing an MBA at Columbia Business School in New York, I moved to London to help one US fund, and then another, make investments in Europe.  I loved this work for a long while, and still appreciate the 'strategic thinking hat' it helped me develop over the years.


But at some point I started questioning whether the investment world was still 'it' for me in the way it had once been.  I became less interested in spreadsheets and increasingly drawn to the questions of everyday life:  'Am I living the life I want?'  'Are my relationships good ones?' 'Am I the parent and role model I want to be for my young son?'  I spent two years examining and writing about these existential questions as part of an MA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing at City University, London.  This period of introspection then led me to start training, purely out of personal interest at first, in psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in London.  As part of this training, I began working with clients, both in the NHS and in private clinics, and found this interaction with people and their stories to be my new 'it.'  


The idea of coaching surfaced naturally.  I was already working with clients who wanted more 'forward looking' conversations and appreciated goal setting and monitoring along the way.  So I supplemented my psychotherapy qualification with ICF-accredited coach training at Coaching Development in London.  I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and the BACP coaching division.


I take an integrative approach towards coaching, utilising tools from the business, coaching and psychotherapy worlds when appropriate.  My experience in finance gives me a firm understanding of corporate pressures while my time outside, particularly exploring and working with different psychological models, offers a complementary perspective.  


My firm belief is that most of us don't take sufficient time to 'check in' with what we really think and feel; that there isn't enough attention spent on self-reflection amidst the busyness of modern life.  This can leave us with the sense that life is driving us (sometimes badly) rather than the opposite.  I look at coaching as a way to help individuals mindfully manage personal and professional change and growth.  Simply put:  A way to return to the driver's seat.


I am comfortable working with a wide range of business, emotional and psychological issues, with particular interest in:


- Business & career advancement

- Personal development/reaching potential

- 'Mid-life passage'

- Couples counselling

- Divorce

- Stress & anxiety

- Depression

- Getting 'unstuck'

- Aligning behaviours with values


For more information on coaching and how I work, please click here.

My Long & Winding Road to Coaching...

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